Team Magma is scientifically proven to be one of the best villainous teams on earth.

What is our purposeEdit

To expand the land and spread the chicken nuggets, doritos, and pizza

How to joinEdit

Eat 1 chicken nugget from Tabitha, sex Maxie, become a lesbian with Courtney and lick Mack's peanut butter pizza

that is all

end psa

thhah nk you

Maxie In The Anime

maxie takes it up the butt

-courtne y

Why they SuckEdit

everyone knows earth is like 70% water wtf - totally not amber

Macks Peanut Butter Pizza

mack's peanut butter pizza

How To Lure Tabitha

how to lure tabitha

Courtney In The Manga Ilasgoc

courtney in the manga

Mack Reaction Image

mack very confused

Tabitha loosing his mind

tabitha loosing his mind

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