The Sinnoh Crew was suggested by a Bidoof.

Sinnoh Crew

The Sinnoh Crew geared up

This Bidoof.


Steven Stone edited the many posts of agreement which in turn caused the Sinnoh Crew to be formed to hunt him down

The first member was Dawn, who searched for him on foot

Then came Saturn and Skyla with their helicopters and planes

Then Brawly took to the seas to help even though he wasn't part of the Sinnoh Crew, he was just cool like that.

Then everyone else joined

Eventually Steven was killed accidentally by Wallace, who in turn caused a full-on war between the Sinnoh Crew and the Hoenn Crew. Unova, Kanto and Johto stayed neutral, with Unova accepting refugees and Kanto hiding in a corner like the little prisses they are

Eventually Steven was revived, and he proceeded to go on a killing spree in an eruption of insanity, slaughtering each member of the Sinnoh Crew (starting with Saturn) before committing suicide. The members of the Sinnoh Crew were revived and won the war against the Hoenn Crew.

However, Wallace went super-saiyan and blew up the entire region.

Soon afterwards Saturn went insane and also began a killing spree, before being killed by James... Thus ending properly the Ilasgoc November War of 2012.

The Sinnoh Crew has not made any further movements since then.

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