Lucario ready to party
Lucario endorses the buying of the Rattle Me Bones board game and the Paper Mario franchise among ilasgoc but fails on the count of hitting the post limit almost daily, he is also an internet renouned pokéfur whore as described by his headline.

Biography and shitEdit

Nobody knows who the hell's he's supposed to be, he's probably supposed to be the cheap fucker from Smash Bros or just some hivemind Lucario. He does seem to act like he used to hang out with Sir Aaron and Riley. He also ended up swooning Zoroark with a picture of his balls on a phone.

As HilbertEdit

Before becoming Lucario he was known as pkmntrainerhilbert, then warioappreciationblog, later became dormant to ilasgoc due to pissing off N and some others. He had a good run as Hilbert though, for instance he made Gold utter his famous quote "u wanna get shota", and he even created the revolutionary Shotapin.

Relationship with other ilasgocsEdit

Lucario made some friends and shit with the other ilasgocs here they are




Since Lucario and Ghetsis both cherished the Shrek film series and it was immenent that they grew a strong bond (as seen in the photo to the right).


do u like pizza?


Gold introduced ilasgoc to Lucario and changed his life and stuff I guess.

Baron AlbertoEdit

Lucario granted Alberto many congratulations during his baby shower and even showed up at the hospital as he went into labor.



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