Flannery enjoying a beautiful day with Walloser the Squirtle.

Flannery (ニンテン) is a character in Ilasgoc. She is a girl from the suburbs of Lavaridge, and is the older sister of Liza and Tate. She usually uses common-place items such as baseball bats as her primary weapon. Flannery is the only character in the Ilasgoc series to suffer from asthma during battle. Flannery has yet to appear as a character in the Super Smash Bros. series.

Flannery lives in a small house with her mother and father (although the latter is rarely at home, and does not appear in the house in-game), and her two twin sisters in northern Lavaridge at the beginning of her adventure. In the first events of Ilasgoc, Flannery must control the influences of a mischievous poltergeist on the ornaments within her house. Examples of such items under the control of the poltergeist include a lamp and a doll, both of which Flannery must battle. After that, she is sent to investigate the origin of these strange phenomena, which are also occuring in the rest of the world, that are later revealed to be caused by Ghetsis.

Like most protagonists of early Nintendo games, Flannery is generally a silent character, having no speaking roles beyond "yes" or "no" responses, with the exception of a speech she gives at the end of the game. In-battle, she can deal damage using her primary weapon, usually a bat, and learn to use various PSI abilities. As the game progresses, Flannery and Skyla develop feelings for each other, which culminates in a scene where the two dance in a cottage on Mt. Itoi, where Skyla confesses her feelings for Flannery. It is unclear whether their relationship continues after the game.

Flannery seems to be more stubborn than the other main characters, and may even have a bad temper. This can be proven by Flannery fighting the bigger and stronger Roxanne in Rustboro, and getting angry at hippies for trying to trick her into thinking her mother was calling her. Flannery is asthmatic, the only character in the series who is. When her asthma is out of control, she is not able to fight at all. She also has a very weak immune system, tending to fall sick very easily. Flannery's exclusive ability is 4th-D Slip, which lets herself and her party escape almost any battle. Flannery's favorite food is Lavaridge Cookie, and her favorite animal is the penguin.

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