Cilan blushing.


Cilan (Japanese: デント Dent) is a character in ilasgoc. Also the only permanent member of his team who is unable to use PSI abilities. To compensate, he can repair objects, although what exactly he can repair is based on his IQ level and the broken items he has in his inventory. He usually uses Guns as his primary weapons, along with an assortment of different projectile items like bottle rockets.


Cilan is a resident of Striaton City in Unova, and the brother of Cress and Chili . When he joins the adventure. Steven Stone communicates with him telepathically to rescue them from captivity in Rustboro. After acquiring the Sky Runner from his brother, Cilan travels to Rustboro and rescues Steven and Lance, securing his place as one of the chosen five trillion (and counting).


  • His Japanese Leader title, shared with Chili and Cress, is トライアル トライアングル.
  • Currently, he is the only male Gym Leader to specialize in Grass-Type Pokémon.
  • He is married to Chili.
  • His ex boyfriend is Saturn.
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