Chili is upset


Chili is a character in ilasgoc. He is Cilan 's husband, brother, and roommate. He joins Cilan 's party during the period of the game the player first controls Cilan (said to be the day before Chili's birthday party), and gives Cilan the boost needed to jump the fence of Striaton City Park. Shortly after the player makes a reservation for Club Stoic, he asks the player for their name, then calls to confirm it later after being rescued from the Hearthome base. This information comes into play when the player prays to defeat Roxanne. While defeating Roxanne with Prayer, one of the scenes involve Chili calling his schoolmates and Cress, asking them to pray for Cilan and his friends.

At the end of the game, while Cress gets a call from Cilan, Chili tells Ness that Cilan did not call him at all, thinking if it is due to claiming Chili as annoying. He then asks Lance to make Cilan call him.

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